THE JOURNEY is a show created and produced by the illusionist Lucas Di Giacomo, it was designed to be presented in his exclusive IBIZA MAGIC CLUB THEATER and the most prestigious theaters worldwide.


After five years of thrilling and exciting its audience, THE JOURNEY was presented with resounding success at the prestigious King Abdulaziz Center for the World Culture. ITHRA by SAUDI ARAMCO, with all the performances sold out.


For the first time, THE JOURNEY… lands in MADRID! 

The next premiere will be on MARCH 23rd in the Las Delicias complex, MADRID. SPAIN.


LUCAS DI GIACOMO, an illusionist, art collector and producer with more than 23 years of experience in show business.

His shows have captivated international audiences and celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio or Adrien Brody.

Currently Lucas Di Giacomo takes his magic around the
world producing first class shows for the most prestigious audiences.

A showman in capital letters with tours in cities such as Dubai, Paris, London, New York or Saudi Arabia.


A magical journey beyond imagination!

THE JOURNEY is a show that brings back classic theater magic.

A family and interactive show that combines the best mentalism acts, sleight of hand and big illusions, all mixed with music and theatre.

Embark on this journey full of mystery!

The story, based on real events, tells the adventure of a boy who runs away from home with a circus, to discover the world and live new experiences.

His adventures will lead him on a journey of clues that will unravel the most mysterious
secrets… perhaps the secret of life.

An opportunity to embark on a journey through the great classics of magic, from Houdini to the Great Carter. The show will connect us with our childhood, as well as making the little ones believe in the power of dreams.

An inspiring and exciting journey that will leads us to reconnect with the child that we all carry inside. A fascinating journey that reminds us that…

«If you can dream it, you can do it».

A magical journey beyond imagination!


Celebrating 100 years of the act, "sawing a lady in half"

Celebrating a century of the most famous act in the history of magic. Lucas Di Giacomo, has created his own version of this act.


A family show, where kids will have the opportunity to go on stage and perform endearing acts of magic. Those acts that have surprised us as children and still remain in our memory.


Lucas’ love for music has led him to bring this art form to the foreground. Part of the musical score has been composed exclusively for this show and is performed by a live musical ensemble composed of a string quartet, a multi-reed player and pianist/conductor.

This ensemble will be conducted by Santi Perez, recognized musical director for productions such as: Cabaret, The Producers, Beauty and the Beast, Chicago, among others.


The Journey features a cast of performing artists and musicians from all around the world including Spain, Argentina, New York, Cuba, Lithuania, Germany and the Netherlands.


International dancer. Got Talent Spain finalist, gold medal and world dance and singing award.


The star illusionist. Argentina National Manipulation Award.

Sebastian Chillon Indorf

Seven-year-old dancer and actor.

Urte Andriuskeviciute

International Dancer

It is my intention to transport the audience into the magic of THE JOURNEY. To disconnect from the outside world and guide them back to the times when they were children, and together with their help, achieve my greatest personal goal:

to believe in true magic again.